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The provider is responsible as a contents supplier (content provider) according to § 8 Abs.1 of the tele-service law (TDG) according to the general laws for the information of its own which this home page has ready for the use. Cross-references ("links") have to be distinguished on the contents had ready by other suppliers by these contents of their own.

By the link the operator arranges in this respect the access to strange information. "Links" always are "living" (dynamic) Link. Although the strange contents were checked after that at the first combination whether a possible civil law or criminal responsibility is triggered through them. However, the operator is not obliged permanently to check the contents for changes which could justify a responsibility newly to which he refers in his offer. He states only if or others are pointing that a concrete supply for which he has provided a link triggers a civilian or criminal responsibility, he will lift the reference to this supply as far as this is technically possible and reasonable.

Becomes the technical possibility and reasonableness not influenced by the fact that you can grasp it also after ending of the access by the operator of the home page from other servers to the illegal or punishable supply.

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"Liability for links" has decided the district court Hamburg that one has if necessary the contents of the conned sides and if necessary even the there appropriate links mitzuverantworten by the attachment of a link with the verdict of the 1205th 1998 - 312 O 85/98. This only can be prevented by it that one particularly dissociates himself from these contents. "Hereby we particularly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all conned sides on our Homepage and do not make ourselves these contents too own. This explanation applies to all links attached on our home page.