Tipp 1.

Landsberg LechpromenadeThe «Lech promenade», an idyllic meeting place with over seven bars and coffee.

1st breakfast at the river «Lech»
Bars, coffee and string a very good ice-cream parlour himself around this «Lech defence». One experiences the flow «Lech» in his whole strength here. A central meeting place. Our tip: Breakfast in the Licca lounge. «Lech promenade» be based 10 minutes from our holiday suite are this one on.

2nd noon table in the Greek restaurant «Cap-Sounio»
We recommend you the very delicious lunch menu of the Greek restaurant «Cap-Sounio» on weekdays. Our tip: On weekdays between 12-14 hours they offers lunch. Of course also one beautiful restaurant for a comfortable dinner. We recommend: Dorade or baby Calamari. Who prefers to go meal Italian finds the restaurant «Jesolo» just next-door.

Further tips than briefcase in the holiday apartment are ready for you. Our recommendations a Bavarian and Swabian cooking in and around Landsberg. But also we have purchase tips described for regional products.